When did it all start for our beloved electrical products

BlogWhen did it all start for our beloved electrical products

Don’t worry, we’re not going to go into the history of electricity and how it was discovered but, it is interesting to see how our most beloved electrical appliances or products started and evolved. Think about your lifestyle and consider how often you rely on electricity. It’s hard to imagine a time when electric power did not exist. You’d have to write down all your work, deliver messages by hand and have the world of patience to wait for your hair to dry! The truth is, as much as we need to be less dependent on electricity, it is impossible in today’s society. Of course there are environmentally friendly ways of generating power such as solar panels and wind turbines, but it’s simply not practical to live a life without electricity.

We’ve listed some of our most loved electrical appliances and products, and gained a new appreciation for them as we explore how each one has evolved.

Coffee machines

Most people would prefer having a coffee drip attached to them throughout the day but until that technology becomes available, we are completely reliant on our daily coffee stop at Starbucks or the like. Nowadays you can even purchase a coffee machine such as Nespresso or Dolce Gusto to keep in your home! In its humble days, the coffee machine looked like quite the contraption. Invented in 1818 in Paris, the percolator design just needed a hot surface to boil and did not operate with electricity. The first traditional espresso machine was invented in Italy just a few years later in 1833 by Dr Ernest Illy, who founded the Illy brand and Illy Café. Over the years, these machines have evolved into engineered masterpieces that satisfy our caffeine cravings on a daily basis.


For Dell and HP to Lenovo and Apple, there are extensive varieties of computer manufacturers around the world. Desktop computers where invented before laptops and were bigger than people! As technology progressed, computers – like cell phones and handbags – became more popular the smaller they became. Due to the sheer size and amount of electricity it took to operate the first computers, there was a demand for a portable solution. This solution however, still requires electricity in the form of a charger. The first laptop was released in 1981 and weighed 10.kgs! Imagine carrying that in your briefcase? Businesses person, freelancer or student, there is no denying the vital role that laptops play in our lives. Working on the go has provided a convenience that can’t be understated. However, without that electric charging cable – it’s useless!

Gaming Consoles

For all the gamers out there, whether you’re team PlayStation or team Xbox, blowing off steam after a hard day’s work just wouldn’t be the same on a handheld, battery-operated toy. There are only five gaming console developers in the world, namely; Atari, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sega, and Sony. Since 1966, home gaming has taken over the lives of many children and adults around the world – each favouring a specific brand and enjoying a variety of games. Before Xbox and PlayStation editions, there were variations such as Home Pong, Game & Watch, Mega Drive and Lynx but the modern gaming console as we know it today came courtesy of Sony, releasing the PlayStation in 1994. Since then graphics became clearer, games became more intricate and entertainment was measured by plugging a box into a wall that produced hours and hours of fun.

Our lives would not be the same without electricity and the inventions on the 20th century. For all your electrical requirements, contact the Perth specialists – Steven Murphy.