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Are you having NBN connection problems? Steven Murphy Electrical is here to save the signal with NBN installation in Perth!

National Broadband Network (NBN) is currently being rolled out across Australia. This mandatory migration is changing the way that every household in our country receives access to the internet. Contact us for professional NBN connection box installation.

NBN provides you with access to fast and reliable broadband in the comfort of your own home and is constructing the broadband access network by replacing parts of the existing phone and internet infrastructure throughout Australia. Those who haven’t already will need to switch to keep using their phone and internet at home. For most, it will replace current broadband technology such as dial-up, ADSL2 or cable. Once NBN is available in your area, you will have approximately 18 months to switch before your existing phone and/or internet line is disconnected.

How to optimise Wi-Fi

Choosing the right Wi-Fi router/modem can help improve your online experience. Keep these points in mind:

  • FTTN and FTTB connections require VDSL2 Wi-Fi routers
  • Choose a Wi-Fi router based on your specific needs
  • Plug directly into your Wi-Fi router for best results
  • Wi-Fi routers manufactured before 2009 may not work or support plans based on higher wholesale speed tiers
  • Not all Wi-Fi routers are the same


The positioning of your Wi-Fi router/modem can have a big impact on connectivity. Remember to:

  • Try and position the router in the centre of your home
  • Try to have a line-of-sight with your router
  • Avoid placing your router near thick walls
  • Take into account that fish tanks and TVs interfere with Wi-Fi signal


When multiple devices are connected at the same time, keep these points in mind:

  • Choose a Wi-Fi router that suits your needs
  • Consult with your internet provider or IT professional
  • Speeds can be affected when multiple devices are connected
  • Basic routers experience issues with 8 or more devices online


Steven Murphy Electrical is here to assist Australians with the transition from current internet connections (dial-up, ADSL, and cable) to the new, nationwide NBN box. While your NBN provider will set up the box in your home, continuous NBN connection problems occur with NBN box placement and installation locations that aren’t optimal for use in your home or business. This means that a licensed electrician then needs to come and re-install your nbn connection box in a more well suited location. That’s where we step in.

If you’re looking for nbn help, we do it all, from moving your nbn connection box to nbn cable installation, ensuring optimal nbn signal strength in your home or business.

With Steven Murphy Electrical, relocating a nbn box is a simple procedure that’s done the way it should’ve been in the first place. Contact us now to see why we’re the best nbn contractors in Perth.