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Steven Murphy Electrical is here to assist Australians with the transition from current internet connections (dial-up, ADSL, and cable) to the new, nationwide NBN box. While your NBN technician will set up the box in your home, continuous NBN connection problems occur with NBN box placement and installation locations that aren’t optimal for use in your home or business.

This means that a licensed electrician needs to come and re-install your NBN connection box in a more suitable location. This is where our expert NBN installers in Perth can step in and assist with ensuring you get the most out of your NBN service. If you’re looking for NBN help, we can do it all; from moving your connection box through to cable installation and repairs.

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At Steven Murphy Electrical, our expert installers can assist with NBN box connections, replacement, and relocations. Fill out our contact form or get in touch with us on (08) 9381 7711 and see why we’re the best NBN contractors in Perth.


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