Installing NBN connection

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Installing NBN Connection

Get fast and reliable internet with Australia’s newest landline & internet network

Everyone in Australia is talking about NBN (National Broadband Network), but most are not sure what it is. We’re here to help. One, we will explain what it is, and two, once we’ve explained it, and you’re convinced of its usefulness, we’ll come and install what you need to get it up and running, if your area is ready of course.

So what is NBN?

NBN is Australia’s latest landline phone and internet network. It is designed to provide homes and businesses with the fastest and most reliable internet service, no matter where in the country you live or work.

NBN Co Limited is a government business entity that is responsible for rolling out these landline and internet services. They supply them wholesale to phone companies and internet service providers who then become resellers of this new network service. Once the area where your home or office is located becomes network enabled, you will require an accredited company to come install the necessary hardware in your home or office. Steven Murphy Electrical Contractors in Perth is one of those trusted technical companies with the knowledge and experience to get you up and running with this fast broadband service quickly and efficiently.

NBN is being rolled out in phases across the country. With the planning stage having passed, we are now in the physical preparation stage, getting areas network-ready all over the country, with close to two million premises already prepared for service. The physical side includes working with Telstras’ existing network to ready them for NBN use. While much of the construction will be conducted by NBN Co Limited, a number of companies have been appointed as subcontractors to assist in launching this exciting project.

Contact your local service providers to get connected

Once the network is installed in your area, you will need to contact your landline phone company or internet service provider to get switched over. If you are ready, you might still need a qualified technician from an accredited company to install the necessary hardware. That’s where Steven Murphy comes in. Check your address to see if you are ready for NBN.

Once installed and switched on, you get to enjoy all the benefits of some of the fastest and most reliable internet services available.

Benefits of NBN

The benefits of fast reliable internet are unlimited.

  • Better entertainment

    Enjoy Netflix as much as you want with no internet hassles, stream videos and enjoy both fast upload and download speeds. Watch live TV online, play online games and enjoy everything a fast broadband makes available to you.
  • Better education

    This will help to expand the learning opportunities for kids, especially those in rural areas. Kids in remote locations can now enjoy a top-class education with the plethora of online educational tools and lessons available.
  • Work from home

    Whether you are self-employed or work for a company, you now have the opportunity to enjoy super-fast broadband, enabling you to work from home. This will allow you to send large files across the web, participate in video conferencing and do your usual online shopping and banking.
  • Connect with loved ones

    Enjoy crystal clear skype conversations with friends and families around the world. No buffering or echoing, just face-to-face conversations with those you care about the most.

If you want to find out if you are ready for NBN, contact Steven Murphy Electrical Contractors, and we’ll investigate for you. If you are ready we will then come install what is necessary to get you up and running.