Electrical Requirements for Winter

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Maintain Your Home’s Electrical Components this Winter

Winter brings with it many fun aspects such as hot soup, warm blankets, and good movies. There are also some challenges, many of them concern energy consumption and damage to electrical equipment and household components during storms and heavy rain.

The electrical professionals have offered several tips on how to ensure your home remains warm and dry, and your stove remains in working order so you can make your grandmother’s awesome soup, and other delicious hot meals.

Knowing the condition of your home’s electrical supply and the shape of the system is important. If you have an old house, the electrical outlets may need to be upgraded to prevent potential fires and burnt out fuses. Electricians suggest you check all electrics before winter sets in, and make the necessary upgrades, and maintenance, where required.

Air conditioner

Reverse cycle air conditioners are usually only left on one setting throughout winter, and that’s on ‘hot’. In these models, the air conditioning cycle is reversed to produce hot air. These particular designs require a bit more maintenance, so it is suggested that you have it serviced before winter sets in.

Plug points

Maintaining and updating plug points are a good idea, regardless of the season, but checking them before winter sets in, is the safest bet. You can check that your points are all working by checking your mains board. Electrical boards are standardly designed with a ‘test regularly’ button. This earth leakage button is not there to look pretty; it has an actual function.

You switch off all appliances and plugs, and then press the earth leakage button. Your electricity should immediately shut down, which is what it would do in the case of an electrical leak. The electricity should trip and turn off. If your electrical current continues flowing and the electricity stays on, then you will need to contact a residential electrician.

Home entertainment installations

Check your mains board for any leaks because you could blow your television and home entertainment system, which are two of several primary tools that will help you maintain sanity through this wet and windy season.

LED lights

Replace downlights with LED lights. Not only are they suitable for outdoor use, but they are ideal for indoor use too. The components built into the lights allow for less energy usage and a longer lifespan. Your home only needs a low-voltage supply for these lights to work efficiently. They can also be hooked up to an outdoor solar source, reducing your energy costs even more. LED is the electrical wave of the future, so maybe it’s time to get on board with the idea.


It’s best practise to flush out your geyser before winter, to promote efficient operation during the cold season. Sediment builds up inside the geyser and, over time, will cause blockages that deteriorate the inside of the tanks. If you’re uncertain how to do this, then please contact a professional.

Before making installations, Steven Murphy Electrical suggests an energy audit. An electrician will examine your home and determine if improvements need to be made for you to save on your winter energy bills. An energy auditor will use diagnostic tools to make the assessment. Stay safe, and warm, this winter with a well maintained electrical system in your home.

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