Installing NBN connection

Installing NBN Connection

Get fast and reliable internet with Australia’s newest landline & internet network Everyone in Australia is talking about NBN (National Broadband Network), but most are not sure what it is. We’re here to help. One, we will explain what it is, and two, once we’ve explained it, and you’re convinced of its usefulness, we’ll come and install what you need to get it up and running, if your area is ready of course. So what is NBN? NBN is Australia’s latest landline phone and internet network. It is designed to provide homes and businesses with the fastest and most reliable internet service, no matter where in the country you live or work. NBN Co Limited is a government business entity […]

Avoid electrical accidents with these tips


How would you cope if you didn’t have electricity in your home for an entire day? Think about it, you won’t be able to use the microwave, make coffee, watch TV, read at night or charge your mobile phone! The idea makes you realise how often you use electricity and what an important part it plays in your life. If we’re so spoiled with electricity and barely aware of how frequently we use it, it’s understandable that we can easily forget the potential dangers it could hold. Here are a few tips on how to avoid potential electrical accidents around the house. Make sure that your entire family is familiar with these tips in order to prevent unnecessary mishaps. Even […]