Electrical Requirements for Winter

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Maintain Your Home’s Electrical Components this Winter Winter brings with it many fun aspects such as hot soup, warm blankets, and good movies. There are also some challenges, many of them concern energy consumption and damage to electrical equipment and household components during storms and heavy rain. The electrical professionals have offered several tips on how to ensure your home remains warm and dry, and your stove remains in working order so you can make your grandmother’s awesome soup, and other delicious hot meals. Knowing the condition of your home’s electrical supply and the shape of the system is important. If you have an old house, the electrical outlets may need to be upgraded to prevent potential fires and burnt […]

Bright Ideas for Better Outdoor Lighting


Get the best out of your outdoor lighting It’s a chilly night in winter, you have your feet up with that book you just bought and it seems like a winner. You look ahead at the dancing flames before you and smile because despite the months of neglect, your fireplace has become your best friend; keeping warm and reaching that back cover is pretty much the only thing that matters. However, that isn’t the only thing that should be on your mind; with winter comes shorter days, longer nights, and often unwelcome visitors that do their best not to go bump in the night. That’s right, we are referring to intruders. In winter, daylight becomes increasingly scarce with most states […]

When did it all start for our beloved electrical products

Don’t worry, we’re not going to go into the history of electricity and how it was discovered but, it is interesting to see how our most beloved electrical appliances or products started and evolved. Think about your lifestyle and consider how often you rely on electricity. It’s hard to imagine a time when electric power did not exist. You’d have to write down all your work, deliver messages by hand and have the world of patience to wait for your hair to dry! The truth is, as much as we need to be less dependent on electricity, it is impossible in today’s society. Of course there are environmentally friendly ways of generating power such as solar panels and wind turbines, […]

Protecting your home’s electrics against winter storms

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Even though Perth’s winters are pretty mild, there are enough thunderstorms and poor weather that can do damage to your home’s electrical system. In order to avoid this and other storm related disasters to your home’s electrics, we have compiled a few tips for you to consider. Be Prepared Don’t wait for the storm to hit and damage to occur. Take our advice, prepare well beforehand and you will be equipped to handle most eventualities. This will make any winter storm a fun time to snuggle up safe in your home, without having to worry about an electrical disaster. Secure your electrics at home Be proactive and pre-empt the first thunderstorm by checking your home electrics before winter sets in. […]